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Forthcoming International Workshop on the Mediterranean Model of Technology Transfer.


Next week the University Enterprise Training Parnership of the Region of Murcia (FUERM) organizes an international seminar for Transnational Technology Transfer Model among the Mediterranean regions.

Framed within our MET3 project, this international meeting is focused on the debate on the results of the TTT model developement realized during last two years. As you know, MET3 project has an objective to establish effective rules to promote and to optimize international technology transfer transfer through the cooperation of research groups, agents of trechtransfer and companies.

The required efect is developement of shared technology market, based on the transnational cooperation in knowledge transfer.

The workshop will be held on 27th April in Murcia. And all MET3 partners will participate.

The opening speech will be on charge of the president of the Spanish University Enterprise Partnership Network (REDFUE), Sebastián Sotomayor, and followed by the workshop presentation by the managing director of the University Enterprise Training Parnership of the Region of Murcia (FUERM), Enrique Egea, two principal organizers of this seminar.

Aris Xenalis, the coordinator of MET3 project MET3 and the director of National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) will take part for offer a general vision of our initiative.

The masterconference will be leades by the general director of Scientific and Technology Research at the spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The presentation to be held on is “The Scientific and Technical Research Policies in Spain.”

“The Technology Transfer, a leadership factor at the Spanish universities” will be presented by Jorge Rodriguez, Vice-councillor of the Government Presidency of the Canary Islands, and by Miguel Acosta Angel, General Secretary of Social Counsel Boards of Spanish Universities.

One of the practical insights will be given by Federico Baeza, General Director Assistant of Cotec . Mr. Baeza will speak on “The Technology Transfer in Spanish companies”.

Another international collaboration examples like the SEIMED or GALACTEA-PLUS projects will be exposed by Juan Hernandez, the director of the Institute of Promotion of the Region of Murcia and Angels Alvarez, director of the Foundation for Promotion of Asturias.

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