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Transnational Technology Transfer Model- conclusions of the Seminar in Murcia


Last Friday, we’ve gathered in Murcia for last 😦 direct meeting within our MET3 project.

The Seminar organised by the University Enterprise Training Partnership of the Region of Murcia (FUERM), had as a general topic the Transnational Technology Transfer Model among the Mediterranean regions.

After the initial presentation of the event and of the organisations invited, on charge of the president of the Spanish University Enterprise Partnership Network (REDFUE), Sebastián Sotomayor, and the managing director of the University Enterprise Training Partnership of the Region of Murcia (FUERM), Enrique Egea, the technical part of seminar has begun.

The master-conference by Marina Villegas, on behalf of the Department of Scientific and Technology Research at the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, was titled “The Scientific and Technical Research Policies in Spain.” This presentation has addressed issues relating to the new focus of Spanish R&D policy and Marina has given some details on future Spanish R&D Budget, with correspondent changes and cuts. This speech has waked up great interest between assistants. As a conclusion we can say that in Spain two new strategies are required: One of Science and Technology and another – for Innovation Policy. Due to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness this division will make the public R&D&Innovation system more efficient.

Then, the representant of leader of MET3 Consortia, Aris Xenakis, the coordinator of MET3 project MET3 and the director National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF), has presented brief overview of the methodology and results of our project. The two case studies of successful technology transfer of biotechnology developments within the MET3 was of special interest for the audience. You can check the whole presentation here.

Within the presentation titled “The Technology Transfer, a leadership factor at the Spanish universities”, presented by Jorge Rodriguez, Vice-councillor of the Government Presidency of the Canary Islands, and Miguel Acosta Angel, General Secretary of Social Counsel Boards of Spanish Universities, we’ve gotten know some very interesting points of view on how Spanish universities deal with technology transfer and which is the strategic aim of R&D commercialisation  by techtransfer liaison offices.

Jorge Rodriguez said We can consider three types of technology transfer vehicles: explicit, implicit and incorporated”- it’s a classification quite important to correct strategy establishment by any university.

And Miguel Acosta has emphasised that the ways that the companies approached to the research departments of universities, are quite limited. And as a conclusion, we can repeat after Miguel: THERE IS A GREAT NEED OF REAL TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND OF REAL WIN-WIN AGREEMENTS BETWEEN UNIVERSITY AND ENTERPRISE.

Federico Baeza, General Director Assistant of Cotec  has presented “The Technology Transfer in Spanish companies”, some very interesting results of national enquire on R&D developed by Spanish companies. PITEC panel and Rosenberg chart flows was the points of major interest for the audience. We can affirm, according to the data presented by COTEC, that the university-enterprise collaboration and real technology transfer rate is still very low. In the matter of technology acquisitions and R&D transfer, Spanish companies trust other companies rather than public research institution.

The final part of the seminar was dedicated to the presentations of two international collaboration on technology transfer examples. The EEN Network initiatives: SEIMED and GALACTEA-PLUS trajectories were exposed by Victoria Diaz of the Institute of Promotion of the Region of Murcia and Angels Alvarez, the director of the Foundation for Promotion of Asturias.

Along all presentations the assistants have shared their impressions on the actual situation of technology transfer in Spain and they have applauded the MET3 project as a very necessary initiative to put the public R&D results on the market.

On our slideshare channel you can get all presentations of the seminar. (Majority on Spanish)

And here the photos of the event on our Flickr.

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