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Why we need Technology Marketplaces.


The R&D of public research centres and universities needs more efficient modes to enter into the real markets. One of the ways to accomplish this is “connecting valuable research coming out of our state universities to businesses that will use the technologies to either add or enhance their existing product offerings, as well as create efficiencies in the manufacturing process.” Within our MET3 project, we have developed a Technology-based Opportunities Marketplace. It’s one of the most efficient forms of promoting and commercialising of R&D results and technologies that public research centres have obtained.

The concept of the Online Technology Marketplace is well-known. The vitual technology marketplace is an on-line site to help the technology-based enterprises and research institutions to identify potential partners and promote their R&D results.

All that means that it is a web-based service dedicated to the publication of exploitable technologies resulting from research projects due to approximate them to the potential buyers, clients and collaborators.

The benefits of online technology marketplace are evolving rapidly with R&D results brokers expanding their offerings in an effort to win new business while companies are looking to simplify the process of useful technology procurement. Recent data suggests that there is an overwhelming preference by both companies and research centres toward web-based tools for enrollment and adoption of this technology is on the rise.

Principal benefits of online technology marketplace are:

– Serves as a hub connecting various critical partners, within MET3 and generally in MED-region facilitating policy dialogue and networking on a distance;

– Enables owners of proprietary technologies to make selected technologies and solutions available as packages, including know-how, services and materials;

– Facilitates the matching of specific, user-formulated needs with technology providers;

– May provide additional services, including training, consulting, dispute resolution and financial support.

There is a lot of technology marketplace examples. Two really interesting are:

– Kopernik – an on-line marketplace of innovative, life-changing technologies designed for the developing world.

EU- Technology Marketplace  – a free on line service where you can find research and technological development results and search for innovative business opportunities on emerging technologies. Technology Marketplace includes: All exploitable research results stored in the Results Service; A showcase of best results displayed as technology offers; Additional information on innovation news, events, useful links, local support.

We’d like to share some experiences from the work on our project marketplace.

One of the objectives of MET3 project has been to deliver a network on Technology Transfer targeted to MED-region needs and accommodate profiles ranging from the “blue chip coast” PACA to “low tech” Voreio Aigaio. MET3 has aimed to develop a modular toolbox for integrated TTT and thus facilitate exploitation of research results by taking into account technology and other “soft” aspects of the process. And an important item at commercialisation strategy was precisely the Technology & Innovation Portal design, including an Online Technology Marketplace.

So the project results might be communicated to regional actors involved via the MED Technology & Innovation Portal and open Events co-organized with SMEs, Technology Transfer executives, Researchers and Innovation Policy makers.

The knowledge base “produced” in MED area and TBOs defined as able to be disseminated through this Marketplace to the business, researchers and intermediaries who may need faster and more efficient access to the new knowledge.

We were fully aware that an active technology transfer implementation by promoting match of TBOs identified to actual technology needs some input and dialogue with private and public sector in order to put technology donors and receivers in contact with each other and provide assistance to facilitate the transfer and adaptation process.

As we said, there are many general marketplaces, also some open, or free to access ones.

But our Marketplace is more specialised and access-limited. For the MET3 requirements it needs a registration (it’s moderated marketplace), the technology-based opportunities are chosen among the MED-regions technology offers during the very precise Technology Potential Analysis and through TBOs Missions on local and regional markets of partners.

MET3 Marketplace has a wide range of technologies which are produced by its research institutes of MET3 project partners and are ready for commercialisation. Its list of technology offers is ever expanding.

Please be welcome to visit it.

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