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Why should we evaluate Technology Offers before put them on the market


During our MET3 project we have developed a specific evaluation methodology focused on better Technology Transfer Initiative rating.

Such proceedings as the Transnational Technology Transfer between public research centres and the inter-regional market require not only really effective methodologies of Technology Diagnostic, Market and Enterprises’ Technology Requirements, Analysis of Adequate TechTransfer Channels, but also a follow up on how all this steps have been performed. So we can say that Transnational Technology Transfer needs an Integral Strategic Approach, including Control Methodology.

These methods are based on the experiences of countries/regions which have participated in such TTT assessments, and on the perspectives of technical experts from TechTransfer Offices, the private sector, EU organizations, financiers and research institutions who have participated in workshops and other fora to consider issues related to technology transfer.

Only when we can check out some specific Elements of Technology Transfer Needs Assessments and Implementing Activities, we’ll be able to establish the matrix of Methodology Evaluation.

This elements, in the case of MET3 project was:

1. Establishment of collaborative partnerships between key stakeholders with the common purpose of enhancing technology transfer.

2. Implementation of technology transfer needs assessments (including both evaluation of alternative technologies and definition of technology transfer priorities).

3. Design and implementation of technology transfer plans and specific actions.

4. Evaluation and refinement of the actions and plans (an ongoing process).

5. Diffusion of technology information.

Having this elements on our mind, we can establish the TTT methodology evaluation checklist.

The specific objectives that propose this methodology’s pursuit, and that would conform the correlated parts of rating system that every project’s partner have to compliment during the process of evaluation.

  • Definition of MED-projects Singularities: Identification of the specific conditions of the MED-region, and evaluation of its impact on correct design of a specific TTT model adapted to the requirements of all users; Technology petitioners and offerers.
  • Best practices and Toolbox elaboration: focused on answering the question what has worked well at the transnational collaboration? Which best practices are worth to be shared? Which ones can become a part of the universal model of transnational Technology Transfer in the MED region. It can be determining for the identification of successful tools, methodologies and procedures of “MED TTT Model” (“Toolbox-by-Modules”)
  • Errors and obstacles permanent verification: Which part of TT methodology has hardly worked or failed? Which practices must be avoided at the future model re-design?
  • Degree of Transnational Network-Effect Enhancement: Measuring the level at which the “transnational dimension” of the Technology Transfer methodology has been reinforced. Additionally results in comparison to the project has begun with. Number and quality of the generated inter-regional connections.
  • Measuring of the quality of the deliverables: There is a need to evaluate the “pilot-projects” (“experimental activities”) developed at regional or transnational scale. This evaluation are to be based on the joint analysis of the quality of the methodological tools and “products” generated within the project.
  • Control of commercial exploitation of the R&D results: Evaluation of the results obtained during the technologies commercialization, number of TechTransfer agreements and alliances subscribed between agents of MED regions or countries.
  • Policy recommendations establishment: Set of suggestions and recommendations that can be extracted from the project in relation to the policies of inter-regional technology transfer promotion on the European scale.
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