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Best Practices Analysis of Transnatonal Technology Transfer


A key question to be answered within the MET3 project is: Which methodologies have worked well in the transnational collaboration carried on within the framework of our project?

And the joint efforts of the partners have been aimed to respond another question: Which tools should be included into effective “TTT MED Modular Toolbox”?

During the project development we have been looking for “best practices” usable in other translational cooperation cases and the approaches that can become a real model of translational technology transfer in the MED- regions. However, these conclusions must arise independently, on every region experience basis, and must be developed considering each region singularities. Only when we are in possession of regional data and complete analysis, it’s feasible to make an effort of aggregation and common ground establishment for the conjoint transnational #techtransfer strategy.

For that it’s necessary to understand what the “Best Practices” are (in this project). The common definition is: Innovative methodologies, tools and approaches of the management of Transnational Technology Transfer processes that have proved to be effective and efficient, enough to deserve to be recommended to all MET3 project partners.

We put special interest on identification of innovative Techtransfer practices that imply resourceful and really different modes of carrying on the steps of the TT process.

Between the factors we consider of great relevance, there are:

Management of the diversity: we need to consider the perspective of the different agents companies, research groups and Techtransfer professionals

Technology transfer channels should be better exploited. In our opinion, those techtransfer modalities (licencing, R&D contracts, spin-off, etc.) that have demonstrated to have more probabilities of success on interregional and transnational scale, should be prioritized within the regional Technology Transfer Policy.

New TT support services can be implemented in transnational level

New tools and methodologies that can be included into MED TTT Model.

Requirements of identify new innovative tools (“a new portfolio of tools” – “TTT modular toolbox”) to promote the specific transnational management of the Technology Transfer.

Specific methodology for the “TTT Matching”: Network capacity to promote and to diffuse the TBOs (Technology Based Opportunities) generated by partnering regions. Rates of intensity and effectiveness of the promotion of technologies.

This last point, the TTT Matching one, has a critical significance for the correct design of the operative model of Techtransfer emerged from MET3 project experience.

The questions like: Is it necessary that the Matching always goes through “TT intermediaries”? or Would it be better to establish a model “marketplace” at which the contacts are direct, a kind of “MED Marketplace” without intermediaries? In which circumstances will the direct model work well? Are all technologies to be transferred suitable for “no-intermediaries” Technology Transfer?

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